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5 Minimalism Blogs to Inspire Your Minimal Lifestyle

Here are some of our favorite blogs on Minimalism (in no particular order):

Be More With Less

Talk about inspiration! Courtney Carver’s journey to simplify her life began with being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her methods of downsizing and decluttering create space to focus on what matters most to you. She created Project 333 as a fashion challenge to reduce what you have in the closet to only clothes you absolutely love to wear, and she wrote two books about her journey to finding joy in less.

Photo credit: Emma Block

The Minimalists

The Minimalists are the real deal! Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have a huge following on their podcast and blog, and they have two documentaries on Netflix. You can’t talk about the modern day minimalist movement without including these guys. They address how minimalism can apply to all facets of your life, and they do it with a little humor. They also wrote four inspiring books, including “Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life.”

Photo credit: The Minimalists

Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker’s story is super relatable. He was cleaning his garage, and his neighbor simply said, “Maybe you don’t need to own all this stuff.” Thus began his family’s intentional journey to own less stuff. A reduction in material possessions turned into an accessible website and a blog about how to embrace minimalism in a rational manner. The blog covers basic concepts and how minimalism can impact your life beyond decluttering your space. He has also written four highly successful books.

Photo credit: Becoming Minimalist

Reduce, Reuse, Renew

If your interest in minimalism is geared toward sustainability and zero-waste living, Laura Durenberger’s blog is the one for you! The focus is on becoming more mindful and eco-friendly as a consumer. She hosts a podcast called Raising Eco Minimalists to build a community of like-minded individuals and provide support to parents trying to raise kids with eco-conscious values.

Photo credit: Raising Eco Minimalists

Less Less More

Brittany’s blog centers around her life as a mother of two living in Phoenix, Arizona. Her posts include thoughtful reflections and the lessons learned from everyday events in her life, reading more like a friend telling you a story than a how-to guide. The blog’s subtitle is “The Paradox of Simplicity'' because through her journey of slowing down and having less, she discovered that she has more time and energy to devote to her family and her passions.

Photo credit: Less Less More

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