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How to Become a Minimalist

Now that you’ve decided to embrace a Minimal Lifestyle, where do you start?

Define your goal.

Be as vague or as specific as you like. This is your journey.

  • Do more with less.

  • Spend more time outdoors.

  • Delete all the apps on my phone that I haven’t used this year.

  • Sell some of the things sitting in storage to fund our next road trip.

  • Clear up this room and create a space dedicated to my art.

  • Clean up this house and sell it so we can find our dream home!

Minimalism is more than just getting rid of stuff. It’s a clarifying tool, a way for you to simplify your schedule, define your priorities, make intentional decisions, and maximize your resources. With that said, let’s get rid of some stuff!

Start small; organize one space. Cull down that random collection of whatever that you never intended to gather in the first place: coffee mugs, shoes, pencil sharpeners. Whatever floats your boat. This is a no-judgment zone.

Start with something that doesn’t feel emotional. You can work up to the big stuff once you’ve figured out strategies that work for you. Maybe open up the junk drawer. Sure, there are things with a purpose, the safety pins and zip ties that come in handy in everyday life. But are you ever really going to use the pretty ribbon that you saved from that free gift with purchase? Unlikely. You haven’t ordered anything from that restaurant in two years; do you really need the menu? Nope, the current menu is online, if you change your mind. Do you even own anything that uses D batteries anymore? No? Out they go. Congratulations! You’ve started your journey towards a Minimal Lifestyle.

They say the first step is always the hardest. They don’t say that taking the first step guarantees success. You may get unexpectedly busy and distracted and suddenly, all your downsizing and simplifying efforts seem for naught. You may have to take that first step a couple times before a doable plan takes form. That’s okay. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle can be a significant effort for some of us. Be kind to yourself. After all, self-care is at the core of minimalism.

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