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Welcome Camp Leather Goods!

So pleased to have them here. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is quite simply, perfection. Here's what creator and founder Caleb has to say about what he does and why he does it.

"Hi folks! Caleb Arthur here, proud husband, father and leather crafter at Camp Leather Goods. I started this business originally as a means of survival. I had been laid off from my 9-5 during the first wave of COVID-19 layoffs, and found myself with an abundance of free time begging to be put to good use. In the early stages I just wanted something to keep me busy, so I freed up a tiny spare bedroom and dove back into an old craft that I had previously dabbled in, but never really stuck with. As the craft took hold, I had no other option but to dive in completely. I decided to make this a full time commitment. With the support of friends and family, we built out a proper workshop completely dedicated to leather craft. Through the creation, crafting, and educating aspect of Camp Leather, I have found so much pleasure and therapy. It is my mission to craft for all of you something truly handcrafted, that is unique and built to last. Moving forward I have started to change things up a bit, with the choice of leathers I use, as well as utilizing simplistic designs that focus more on functionality and attention to detail. When you receive a product from us, know that you are getting the best quality of leathers that are out there. I refuse to put out a product that I wouldn’t cherish myself.

This first year as a business has been such an inspiration, and I would like to thank all of you who have supported us!!"

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