"I first put nature to canvas in this piece. I unlocked my artistic lens I had been circling for years, and this piece started it all. Not only did it show me that you can transform a piece of art many times, but it brought together my love for texture and nature in such a raw and beautiful way. ⁠I discovered a process for layering my work. And I also remembered to not be afraid of trying something new for fear of the art becoming ugly in the process. Because ugly is only a few moves away from stunning, all you need to do is just sit in the discomfort to see where a piece can go. And therein lies the magic of creation.⁠"


"Heart" - 11" x 14" Unframed Print by Jaclyn Gordyan


Printed on Watercolor Paper.  Open Edition.


"Hi, I’m Jaclyn. I’m a texturist, painter and mixed media artist living and working in Michigan. I’m heavily influenced by nature and textures. And I bring these two influences together in my work.


I am drawn to the small moments in nature. Discovering them and taking in their natural state of being fuels awe, wonder and ultimately brings me into the present moment. I aim to give others that same feeling through my art.


I can’t go for a hike without stopping to look at small moments like the colorful dance lichen does as it grows up rain-soaked tree bark. Or the contrast between the old tough tree roots and the soft mosses encompassing them. It took me a while to realize not everyone sees these moments— and that was when I discovered my unique artist’s lens.


When I’m working on a piece, my goal is to highlight what about the natural element stopped me originally. I create a reimagined, heightened moment using color, layers and natural textures. So that through my work, I can give you the same permission to pause I feel. And maybe feel some of that same wonder.


And if a piece of mine you bring into your home sparks this, and gets you curious about other moments in nature you could see, then I’ve achieved my mission."

"Heart" - 11" x 14" Unframed Print by Jaclyn Gordyan