Cozy. Dramatic. Yet still Peaceful. The subtle pink and natural tones tie together to create a nestled feeling of home. This piece represents what it feels like to be in the remote spaces of the Upper Peninsula. Everything there is so lush and cozy, you could take a nap all snuggled up in a patch of moss surrounded by stunning ferns that look prehistoric. It’s quite a wonder to behold.


"Nestle" - 12" x 12" Unframed Print by Jaclyn Gordyan


Printed on Watercolor Paper.  Open Edition.


"Hi, I’m Jaclyn. I’m a texturist, painter and mixed media artist living and working in Michigan. I’m heavily influenced by nature and textures. And I bring these two influences together in my work.


I am drawn to the small moments in nature. Discovering them and taking in their natural state of being fuels awe, wonder and ultimately brings me into the present moment. I aim to give others that same feeling through my art.


I can’t go for a hike without stopping to look at small moments like the colorful dance lichen does as it grows up rain-soaked tree bark. Or the contrast between the old tough tree roots and the soft mosses encompassing them. It took me a while to realize not everyone sees these moments— and that was when I discovered my unique artist’s lens.


When I’m working on a piece, my goal is to highlight what about the natural element stopped me originally. I create a reimagined, heightened moment using color, layers and natural textures. So that through my work, I can give you the same permission to pause I feel. And maybe feel some of that same wonder.


And if a piece of mine you bring into your home sparks this, and gets you curious about other moments in nature you could see, then I’ve achieved my mission."

"Nestle" - 12" x 12" Unframed Print by Jaclyn Gordyan