Reusable teak wood cutlery set is made by Fair Trade artisans in Bali, Indonesia.  Each piece is unique because they are hand-carved to reveal the beauty that can be seen in the color and grain of the wood. Our teak wood is durable, lightweight, and sustainably sourced.  Designed to fit in a convenient case to carry with you anywhere. 

  • This reusable wooden cutlery set includes 2 utensils of your choosing (a spoon/fork, a fork/knife, or a knife/spoon) that fit into our smaller fabric case.
  • Our smaller fabric case has a single pocket and metal carabiner for carrying convenience.   
  • Teak wood is considered one of the strongest and most durable of the hardwood family.  It’s natural oils make the wood water and weather resistant.
  • Designed and developed by Duebest™ to eat, grip, and use daily.
  • Ideal for anywhere you go and anytime you eat. Whether it’s traveling, camping, hiking, or simply at your office - bring your own cutlery! 




    Additional Information



      • Spoon, Fork, Knife: 6.5"
      • Case: 7” x 2”



      • Cutlery: Teak Wood
      • Case: Linen/Cotton Blend


      • Hand-wash


      Reusable Wooden Cutlery Set

      SKU: compact-reusable-wooden-cutler49911204